Spokane Regional Transportation Council

Authorized by and Date: The Spokane Regional Transportation Council (SRTC) is the federally designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the state designated Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) for Spokane County. It is authorized and guided by U.S.C.Title 23 Section 134, U.S.C. Title 49 Section 5303, RCW 47.80, and WAC 468-86.

Mission Statement/Purpose: To coordinate transportation planning in the Spokane region by providing leadership, expertise, and a forum for collaboration.

Meeting date, time and location: The SRTC Board meets every second Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. at 421 W. Riverside Ave., Ste. #500, Spokane, WA 99201. The public is welcome to attend.

To learn more about SRTC, please visit our website.

Members Title Representing
Al French Chair Spokane County Commissioner
Steve Peterson Vice-Chair Mayor, City of Liberty Lake
Dave Malet Board Member Council Member, City of Airway Heights
Paul Schmidt Board Member Council Member, City of Cheney
Dee Cragun Board Member Council Member, City of Deer Park, Small Towns Representative
Arne Woodard Board Member Council Member, City of Spokane Valley
Lori Kinnear Board Member Council Member, City of Spokane
David Condon Board Member Mayor, City of Spokane
Larry Stone Board Member Major Employer Representative, Stone Group
Larry Krauter Board Member CEO, Spokane International Airport
Josh Kerns Board Member County Commissioner, Spokane County
E. Susan Meyer Board Member CEO, Spokane Transit Authority
Matt Ewers Board Member Rail/Freight Representative, IEDS Logistics
Kennet Bertelsen Board Member TAC Chair, SRTC TAC Commitee
Sean Messner Board Member TTC Chair, SRTC TTC Committee
Mike Gribner Board Member Regional Administrator, WSDOT-Eastern Region
Joe Tortorelli Board Member Commission Member, WA State Transportation Commission

Contact Information

For staff contact information, location, map and hours, please visit the SRTC Contact Us page.