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*SolarAPP+ is currently in an open pilot mode. All qualified solar contractors may use the program stating in May 2024!

Eligibility to Use SolarAPP+

  • Detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhomes not more than three stories above grade plane.
  • Accessory structures to the above.
  • Not allowed on multi-family R-2 or commercial use occupancies.
  • Located within the City of Spokane jurisdiction.
  • Must be a licensed contractor that has registered with SolarAPP+.
  • View the full eligibility checklist.
SolarAPP+ Application Process

Submit for Automated Review Through SolarAPP+

Apply for Solar Installation Permit

  • Apply for your City of Spokane Solar with SolarAPP+ Installation Permit.
  • Select Login or Register to get started.
  • Select the Building tab, then Apply for Permit.
  • Select Solar Energy with SolarAPP+ Permit.

Submit Required Permit Documents

  • SolarAPP+ approval ID number
  • SolarAPP+ approval report
  • City of Spokane and Washington State Amendments - Compliance Disclaimer Form (PDF 296 KB)
  • Structural engineering for all proposed structural improvements

Payment and Permit Issuance

  • Permit will auto-issue upon payment of processing and inspection fees.
  • Print copy of issued permit and post on job site.
  • A paper copy of the SolarAPP+ approval documents must be kept on the job site.

Schedule Inspections

  • Electrical and Fire inspections are required on all permits.
  • Building/structural inspections are required if structural improvement was selected in the permit application.
  • View instructions on how to schedule an inspection.

Revisions to Issued Permits

  • Revised designs are triggered by applicant redesign or by inspector correction and must be submitted to SolarAPP+ for re-review.
  • Revisions may incur the following fees:
    • A SolarAPP+ revision review fee.
    • Reinspection fee(s).
  • The following revision documents will need to be submitted prior to scheduling a re-inspection:
    • SolarAPP+ revised approval ID number.
    • SolarAPP+ revised approval report.

Final Approval

  • Once all required inspection approvals are entered, the record status will update to Completed.
  • The Applicant will receive an automated Letter of Completion email.

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