Target Area Incentives

Traffic Impact Fee Postponement

SMC 17D.075.040(C)

The impact fees shall be paid at the issuance of a building permit or at the completion of construction. Within the targeted investment areas please work closely with your Target Area expert to have the fees due at the completion of construction and at the time of occupancy.

Brownfields Program

The City of Spokane Brownfields Program is a program that assists City Departments and qualified private individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to assess and cleanup contaminated sites, or Brownfields. This in turn achieves greater use of existing land, revitalizes neighborhoods, and drives economic development. Brownfield development is one of the key strategies for the City's Targeted Area Development Strategy.

Spokane is home to Washington State's first and third Brownfield Redevelopment Opportunity Zones (ROZ). The first was designated in the Hillyard Industrial Area, and is known as The Ranch, coinciding with targeted investment projects in The Yard. The second in Spokane and the third in the State is Riverfront Park. With this distinction, the Washington Department of Ecology is able to prioritize funding resources in the ROZs and permits new revitalization tools to encourage brownfield redevelopment.

The City of Spokane is part of the Washington Brownfields Coalition Partnership, serving as a local point of contact for the Washington State Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund program.

Types of Assistance

Technical Assistance: For Site Assessment and Cleanup
Technical assistance is available to other City Departments, private individuals, and nonprofit organizations and includes:

  • Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

Grants: For assessment and cleanup
Private individuals and businesses and nonprofit organizations are not eligible for assessment or cleanup grants.

  • Assessment grants of $200,000 are available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Program. The PDS Brownfields Program can help access grant funds by applying to EPA and using funds on behalf of projects or by assisting others to apply directly.
  • Cleanup grants of $200,000 are available from The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Program. Applicants must be the sole owner of the property by the application due date. The PDS Brownfields Program can help access grant funds by assisting others to apply directly. A 20% cost share is required for cleanup grants.

Low-Interest Loans
Low-interest loans to finance site cleanup activities are available through the Washington Coalition Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund (BRLF). City of Spokane, in partnership with the Washington State Department of Commerce can offers low-interest loans to finance site cleanup activities. Interest rates are set on a case-by-case basis, but can be as low as 2%.

Private individuals and nonprofit organizations are eligible and must apply through the City of Spokane's PDS Brownfields Program.

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Home Improvement Tax Exemption

WA State RCW 84.36.400

WA Dept. of Revenue Exemption for Physical Improvement to a Single Family Dwelling, Application (Fill-In Form)

Any physical improvement to single-family dwellings, up to 30% of the value of the original structure, shall be exempt from taxation for the three assessment years subsequent to the completion of improvements. This exemption cannot be claimed more than once in a five-year period.

Blight Remediation

Please work closely with your Targeted Area expert on the availability

CBDG Neighborhood Application

Blight rehabilitation is one of the eligible activities Neighborhood Councils can fund with their CDBG allocations, according to HUD and the City of Spokane.

Multi-Family Tax Exemption (MFTE)

Please see our Multi-Family Tax Exemption page for current information

Historic Preservation Tax Exemption

SMC 17D.040.310

Historic Preservation Incentives

The Spokane City/County Historic Preservation Office and the Spokane Historic Landmarks Commission share responsibility for the stewardship of historic and architecturally significant properties within the City of Spokane and unincorporated areas of Spokane County.

Commercial Rate Clarification Policy

Resolution 2014-0077 and Admin Policy 5200-14-04

Applies to existing building development

Please work closely with your Targeted Area expert on the availability

General Facilities Connection Waiver

SMC 13.03.0732 and SMC 13.04.2042

GFC Waiver Boundaries Map

For development and redevelopment projects within the Empowerment Zone a significant portion of the GFCs are waived for water and sewer connections.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

RCW 39.89

West Quadrant TIF District

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a funding mechanism used by local governments to finance public infrastructure and help incentivize economic development and redevelopment of blighted neighborhoods. Individual TIF districts are created by ordinance of the local jurisdiction concurrently with other regular taxing districts.

ROW improvement requirements waived prior to public investment

This is incentive is very project and Target Area specific, please work closely with your Targeted Area expert on the availability

Urban Utility Installation Program

SMC 08.10.230

Urban Utility Pre-Eligibility Application (PDF 184 KB)

Urban Utility Boundaries Map (PDF 430 KB)

A financial incentive for installation or upgrades of fire line services, water, and/or sewer in the right of way when combined with a redevelopment project within the defined Urban Utility area boundaries.

More Information

The City of Spokane's Pilot Urban Utility Installation program offers a financial incentive for installation or upgrades of fire line services, water and/or sewer in the right of way when combined with a redevelopment project. These incentives help to mitigate the cost of the installation of new or upgrades to city-owned public utility infrastructures in the city right-of-way. This incentive is available for property owners of existing structures that are undergoing redevelopment or infill development of new structures in the targeted Urban Utility Installation Area. It is recommended to attend a pre-development conference to learn more about this incentive type.

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