Help Your Firefighters Help You During National Preparedness Month

Jamie McIntyre, Community Risk Reduction Manager

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 2:35 p.m.

Throughout 2020, The City of Spokane Fire Department has been working closely with technology partner First Due to refine Community Connect, an application focused on protecting our residents and their property. Phase one is nearly complete. As we transition to phase two, where the information our community shares will go directly into the hands of responders, Spokane Fire Department encourages community members to create their free account today with Spokane Community Connect.

“In fire and medical emergencies every second counts” stated Spokane Fire Department Chief Brian Schaeffer. “Community Connect gives our residents the power to keep us informed, by providing the individualized details they deem important. From COVID-19 history, access and functional needs considerations, or primary languages spoken in the home, to where water, power and gas shutoffs are located. People can share the information that is important to them. As little or as much as they want” Schaeffer continued.

Residents are individually able to decide what information they are comfortable sharing. Community members simply create a free profile and enter pertinent household information which is then made available to Spokane Fire Department personnel for planning and response. Data provided by residents within Community Connect is 100% secure and used for the purpose of better serving the resident during emergency situations.

This resource is available for City of Spokane residents to create household profiles and begin using the service. The pilot program is made possible through grant support from Phillips 66. The City of Spokane Fire Department will continue to monitor the impact of the program and will revisit in a year to evaluate effectiveness and ongoing community benefit.

Create a profile for your household at Spokane Community Connect.