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East Spokane House Fire

Tour Commander, 509.625.7100

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at 2:04 p.m.

At approximately 10:00 pm on Monday, multiple companies from the Spokane Fire Department (SFD) were dispatched to the 1900 Block of East Sharp to a 911 report of smoke and fire emanating from the second floor of a residence. 

Police units were quickly on scene reported windows cracking, heavy smoke, and fire with people likely still inside the home. Although police officers attempted to enter for rescue, they were forced out by smoke conditions and heat.

Firefighters arrived within two minutes of dispatch to find a working fire on the second floor with residents reportedly still trapped inside the structure. Firefighters performed several tasks simultaneously to remove a resident, search the structure and extinguish the fire on the second floor. Once all six residents were accounted for and safe, firefighters turned their efforts to salvage and overhaul of the fire area to assist residents in reoccupation.  

During the investigation, it was determined that the structure was a residence for six adults. The fire's nature was incendiary and cause determined to be smoking in or next to the bed. Smoke alarms were present in the home, although they did not activate and were inoperative.

The SFD successfully protected the majority of the building's structural components and contents. While the fire's damage was estimated at $6,000, the SFD saved approximately $200,000 of property and contents.

The SFD reminds you that it is imperative to smoke outside if you smoke, away from all combustibles. Be sure to use deep, sturdy ashtrays or metal can if an ashtray is not available. Before throwing out cigarette butts, use water or sand to make sure that they are entirely out. Do not ash or throw cigarettes in vegetation, potted plants, or directly into trash cans, as these can all easily catch fire. Never smoke in bed. Keep cigarettes, lighters, matches, and other smoking materials out of reach of children, preferably in a locked area without access. Fires have occurred with vaping products, including electronic cigarettes. "E-Devices" should only be used with caution, and supervision is required while charging the device.