East Fairview Residential Fire

Tour Commander, 509.625.7100

Friday, December 10, 2021 at 3:24 p.m.

At approximately 10:00 PM last night (12/9/2021), residents of a single story family home called 911 reporting that two breakers on the electrical panel had tripped and that an electrical odor was noticeable inside the residence before disconnecting with 911. Crews from the Spokane Fire Department (SFD) were immediately dispatched on an electrical problem investigation to the 3700 block of East Fairview Ave. SFD FireComm Communications Specialists worked to re-established contact with the residents to gather more information. Upon reconnecting, it was discovered that smoke was emanating from the ceiling inside the home and that the wall was hot to the touch. The incident was quickly upgraded to a full structure fire response that included an automatic aid Engine company from the Valley Fire Department. Simultaneously, the occupants were advised by FireComm to evacuate the residence.

The initial companies arriving on scene reported finding smoke coming from the rear corner roofline/attic of the structure. As other companies arrived, crews quickly entered the residence to locate the fire and do a search to ensure all occupants were out of the home. Within 10 minutes of the first unit's arrival, the home was searched and the fire was located and confined to insulation in the ceiling above the kitchen. Thankfully, all of the residents safely exited the home before the SFD's arrival.

Firefighters quickly and safely mitigated the incident with no injuries or loss of life. Structural damage was contained to the attic space and ceiling above the kitchen.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by SIU with initial indicators pointing to an electrical issue.