Spokane Fire Special Rescue

Tour Commander, 509.625.7100

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at 3:11 p.m.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, the Spokane Fire Department (SFD) was dispatched to a significant rescue of nine waterfowl from the Anatidae. (Confused? Did I get your attention yet)?

With all of the harrowing news that we have been sharing with you, I wanted to communicate a great story that occurred yesterday with C-Shift Engine 14. They were called to rescue a family of baby ducks in a deep window well for a frantic momma. The incident happened near the intersection of 27th/Southeast Boulevard.

All of the babies are doing great, and momma appeared exceptionally thankful for SFD's care and intervention.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday, and thank you for your continued support.

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