Area Fire Marshals and Surrounding Cities Enact Burn Restrictions

Lance Dahl, Spokane Fire Marshal, 509.625.7040

Friday, July 22, 2022 at 8:57 a.m.

Although we have seen unseasonably lower temperatures and more rain, the Spokane Metro Area is still at risk for fire this summer.

Fire Marshals from City of Spokane Fire Department (SFD), Spokane Valley Fire Department Spokane County, City of Cheney, City of Airway Heights, and City of Deer Park have all enacted the Fire Danger Burn Restriction effective Friday, July 22, 2022. With high temperatures in the forecast, all Cities and Fire Agencies want to keep area communities safe from fire risk by reducing the number of human-caused wildfires. 

“The hot-dry conditions and the absence of substantial rainfall have produced an increased fire risk,” said City of Spokane Fire Marshal, Lance Dahl. “To help protect our community from the risk of human-caused wildfires the regional Fire Marshals are enacting Countywide Burn Restrictions. Burn Restrictions are common during warm summer months, serving as additional protection from significant wildfire incidents for our homes and wildlands.”

Unauthorized open burning and unauthorized recreational fires are restricted until this order is lifted or unless otherwise permitted by law enforcement or authorized agencies. If you have any questions, before lighting any fire, call your local agency first.

“In regard to this year's fire season, the SVFD asks our community to be extra vigilant in their fire safe practices,” said Spokane Valley Fire Department Deputy Fire Marshal, Brett Anderson. “Due to the extra wet season during spring and late into June, more green growth occurred than usual. Currently, there are more light flasy fuels available such as weeds, grasses, and bushes that can easily catch fire and spread quickly.”

We want to do our part to keep our air quality as smoke-free as possible. Breathing smoke affects the respiratory system and is especially harmful to everyone and most especially, younger, and older adults, and those with heart and respiratory conditions.

We encourage everyone to follow these easy guidelines and help prevent an unplanned fire from occurring. Keep our community fire and smoke risk-free this summer wildfire season:

Under the burn restrictions:

All recreational fires are not allowed. This includes any outdoor fire without a chimney such as a backyard fire pit or campfire using chopped firewood or charcoal.

All open burning is not allowed. This includes any open burning of fields and yard waste is prohibited at all times.

Manufactured portable outdoor devices are allowed. This includes fireplaces, chimineas, barbeques, and patio warmers used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Approved fuels in appropriate devices are allowed. This includes clean and dry seasoned firewood, charcoal, natural gas, and propane gas.

Designated campfires in parks and campgrounds may be allowed as approved and determined by agencies with jurisdiction.

While the burn restriction is in place, any person found with a recreational fire or conducting open burning who fails to take immediate action to extinguish or otherwise discontinue such burning when ordered or notified to do so shall be charged with a misdemeanor. (IFC 109; SCC 3.02)

If you have questions regarding burn restrictions, here are some resources:

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