Labor Agreements

Represented employees

The City maintains agreements with eight labor groups representing nearly 2,000 employees. Terms of those agreements are bargained individually and agreed to with each represented group. The groups and the current labor agreements are as follows:

Local 270

This labor union represents non-uniformed clerical, administrative, labor, technical, and mechanical employees.

Local 270 – Prosecuting Attorneys

This labor union represents city prosecutors with the exception of the city prosecutor and the chief assistant city prosecutor.

Local 29

The Spokane Firefighters Bargaining Unit represents uniformed employees in the fire department below the rank of battalion chief or equivalent, including civilian dispatch personnel.

Managerial & Professional A

This labor union represents all exempt managers, civil attorneys, and city prosecutor.

Managerial & Professional B

This labor union represents all classified managers and classified professionals, excluding the Mayor's clerical staff.


This labor unit represents fire department battalion chiefs, division chiefs, and other members of the Spokane Area Fire Officers.

Spokane Police Guild

The Guild represents all commissioned police employees with the exception of the chief, assistant chief, majors, directors, captains, and lieutenants.

Police Lieutenants and Captains Association

The Association represents all Spokane police lieutenants and captains.