City adds new options to drop off utility bill payments

Friday, September 6, 2013 at 2:59 p.m.

The City of Spokane has added two new options for dropping off City utility bill payments. An envelope slot has been added next to the Post Street doors of City Hall, and a new drop box has been installed on Lincoln Street adjacent to the Downtown Library that allows drivers to pull up and deposit their payment without getting out of their vehicles.

City utility customers receive one monthly bill that includes charges for garbage pickup, wastewater and stormwater management, and water. Customers can use the drop locations to pay by check. Customers also can pay their bills at the My Spokane desk on the first floor of City Hall, by mail, or online at

The two new drop box locations will replace the current drop box located on Post Street just north of City Hall. That box will be removed on Monday in advance of work to convert Post Street to a one-way, northbound street.

Post Street between Spokane Falls Boulevard and the north end of the Post Street Bridge is closing on Tuesday, Sept. 10, to accommodate the changes to Post and a variety of other work in the area. That work includes Avista Utilities' ongoing project to develop a public plaza at City Hall and renovate Huntington Park, as well as sidewalk repairs and an extension of the Centennial Trail that will connect Kendall Yards to Riverfront Park.

The Post Street closure will continue until the end of October. When it reopens, it will have its new one-way configuration. Parking in the area will increase through the addition of angled parking on Post and the changes on Lincoln Street. Additionally, North Lincoln Street from the Post Street Bridge north to Broadway Avenue will be converted to a three-lane street with parallel parking on both sides. Ultimately, the entire area will be more pedestrian friendly.

Citizens coming from the north to City Hall will need to take Washington Street or Monroe Street.