Busy construction season gets underway

Season emphasizes integrated projects

Julie Happy, Communications Manager, Business and Developer Services, 509.625.7773

Monday, March 10, 2014 at 9:01 a.m.

Construction season in the city of Spokane is underway with a project that illustrates an integrated approach that delivers a better return on investment and helps to minimize disruptions.

Work has begun on a new stormwater tank underneath Underhill Park that will create new parking, a new grassy park surface, connect to utility components under adjacent streets and deliver improved road surfaces. More than 40 street and Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) projects are scheduled in the city over the next several months. The total value of those projects is more than $58 million.

“This construction season is about getting the most out of every dollar while minimizing disruption,” said Spokane Mayor David Condon. “We are improving the drivability of streets, enhancing safety, and extending the life of water and wastewater utility systems while putting people to work.”

For each $1 million in construction, about 50 jobs are created, which means this year's construction projects will put more than 3,000 people to work.

Finding ways to save taxpayer dollars and deliver greater impact to citizens has been a major focus construction. Better coordination between the streets, utilities and parks departments has driven a more integrated approach. The city is also working with utility and developer partners to time projects to coincide with its work and minimize disruption to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

“We want our businesses and citizens to fare well during construction,” Condon said. “Supporting local business during construction is essential and we ask citizens to make every effort to reach their favorite businesses even when construction makes travel inconvenient.”

Regular project announcements and scheduling updates will keep citizens and businesses informed about construction. Weekly project updates are available on the Street Department's Obstruction page. A map and list of all projects is also available on the construction projects page.