City Council requests citizen input on newly developed 2015 budget priorities

Amber Waldref, 509.868.9219

Monday, March 31, 2014 at 6 p.m.

Responding to citizen requests for transparency and accountability in the budget process, the Spokane City Council developed a list of budget principles for 2015 to help guide the City Administration in the budget’s development. The Council’s goal is for early involvement in the budget process so its priorities can be included in the Mayor’s released budget.

“This is a cooperative method for the council to be involved in the budget process up front instead of reactive as in the past two years.” Council President Stuckart explained. “Council will be letting the administration know up front what our priorities are so there is no miscommunication. This is a great place to start the dialogue.”

The Council’s Budget Priorities for 2015 include specific items within these goals:

  • improved community safety
  • sustainable, targeted growth and economic opportunity
  • maintained and improved the City’s infrastructure
  • improved health, quality and character of our community

The Council will ask the Administration to prepare a budget which recognizes revenue growth and the inclusion of a 1% property tax increase to support city capital needs; prudently developing a budget that does not eliminate city employee positions unless such cuts can be clearly tied to improved service delivery to the citizens.

“Council is proactively identifying priority needs for our City in the 2015 Budget and we are welcoming all citizen input to make sure we are on track,” Council Member Waldref states.

The proposed budget priorities will also be presented to the Community Assembly and taken to Neighborhood Councils for vetting before final adoption of the Resolution in mid-April.