Council removes one, accepts resignation of second

Extension granted to third citizen police ombudsman commissioner

Brian Coddington, Communications Director, 509.625.6740

Thursday, June 18, 2015 at 4:54 p.m.

The Spokane City Council voted to remove the chair of the independent citizen Police Ombudsman Commission today during a public meeting and accepted the resignation of a second commissioner. Both were subjects of findings related to a whistleblower complaint investigation done by a third-party.

Chair Rachel Dolezal was removed by a unanimous vote of the six councilmembers in attendance. Councilmembers also unanimously accepted the resignation of commissioner Kevin Berkompas. Councilmember Jon Snyder was unable to attend the meeting.

A one-week extension was granted to the third commissioner, Adrian Dominguez, who is traveling and asked for additional time to review the report filed by the independent investigators. The investigation returned a total of eight findings, seven involving Dolezal, six involving Dominguez and four involving Berkompas. The City Council set a hearing for June 24 to determine whether Dominguez should be removed.

Mayor David Condon and Council President Ben Stuckart called for the resignation of all three commissioners on Wednesday. Condon also sent the City Council a letter requesting that it begin the removal process.