Council Members Allocate Travel Fund to COPS Mounted Patrol Program

Jake Fraley, 509.625.6715

Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 4:50 p.m.

The local public safety nonprofit organization, Spokane Community Oriented Policing Services (C.O.P.S.), received a surprise allocation of public funds for its mounted patrol program during the City Council’s town hall meeting this past Monday, Sept. 17.

Council Members Lori Kinnear of District Two and Mike Fagan of District One each allocated $500 to the program from their respective 2018 travel budgets, which cover expenses related to travel for official City business. Additionally, Council Member Kinnear is offering to provide an additional $500 to match donations to the program from the community.

Focusing mainly on providing a visible public safety presence in City parks and at large community gatherings, the Mounted Patrol is one of the many crime prevention programs that Spokane C.O.P.S. operates. The mounted unit consists of dedicated C.O.P.S. volunteers and off-duty police officers who all love horses and want to employ them in making our community safer.

All volunteers serving on the unit, both horses and riders, are trained and insured; each volunteer will also clean up the droppings of his or her equestrian partner. Further, each member of the patrol is helmeted, unarmed, and trained in first aid.

Since the program’s reemergence this past spring, the C.O.P.S. mounted unit has already been making a positive impact in the community.

“I have seen how the public has reacted to the mounted unit,” said Council Member Fagan, “and it has been extremely positive.”

Council Member Kinnear also recognizes the value of the mounted patrol in protecting the City’s parks, open spaces, and public events.

“I hear constantly from our police officers how appreciative they are for the support that C.O.P.S. gives police, especially the mounted patrol,” Council Member Kinnear said.

Together, the two Council Members decided that a portion of the funds in their travel budgets would be best spent supporting the program. Council Member Kinnear also encourages members of the community to donate, in order to trigger her offer to match those contributions with an additional $500 from that fund.

“I invite all members of our community to contribute whatever they can afford to support this incredible program,” CM Kinnear stated.

To donate, please contact Spokane C.O.P.S. Executive Director Patrick Striker at 509.625.3302, or email him: