Senate Bill 5492 moves forward in Washington Senate

Michele Anderson, Public Safety Communications Manager

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 4:05 p.m.

Senate Bill 5492, which would authorize a Pilot Program of Supervision for Motor Vehicle-Related Felonies, moved one step closer in allowing for community supervision for offenders who commit motor vehicle-related felonies.

The bipartisan bill, sponsored by Senators Andy Billig, Mike Padden, Jamie Pedersen, Jeff Holy and Manka Dhingra, passed out of the Senate Ways & Means Committee.

“The City Council, the Spokane Police Department, our partners at Spokane County and the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council, and the City administration have been working together with our state lawmakers to make significant change to ensure multi-time convicted felons are held accountable, and our community is not repetitively victimized,” says Mayor David Condon. “In our joint Administration-City Council Strategic Plan, we recognize that focused, collaborative law enforcement efforts and community supervision can increase public safety and help break the cycle of re-offending.”

Washington is the only state that does not have supervision for property crimes. Community supervision can add structure for offenders re-entering the system and connect them with services including drug treatment, education and job training.

“While our stepped up efforts by police and the justice system have reduced some property crime, our citizens, their cars and homes are still be disproportionately targeted,” adds City Council Member Candace Mumm. “We need more supervision, like the rest of the nation, to make a larger impact on community safety.” 

Senate Bill 5492 now moves to the Senate Rules Committee for consideration