City Activates More Services during Cold Snap

Kirstin Davis, 509.625.7773

Monday, January 13, 2020 at 1:53 p.m.

As temperatures dip extremely low, City staff are working with local providers to provide services to keep those experiencing homelessness safe. Programs are expected to see a surge in individuals and families seeking services over the next few days. The City is providing funding of $45,000 to activate additional capacity at City Gate for a minimum of two months. This will provide a temporary emergency warming center for up to 50 women as needed, therefore provide additional space for men in other locations. City Gate expects to have the additional space available this week. Because the amount is below the $50,000 threshold for Council needed approval, City staff are expediting the administrative process. City Council has been briefed on the expenditure and shown support for the phased plan for winter.

“There has been consistent capacity in the system since we started winter operations; however we expect a surge in need with temperatures remaining so low over several days. The City would like to provide additional funding to support expanded operations and meet the increased needs,” says Community, Housing and Human Services Director Tim Sigler.

A variety of services are available for those experiencing homelessness.

Emergency Shelters & Warming Centers:

  • House of Charity for Men & Women
  • Hope House for Women
  • Crosswalk for Teens
  • YWCA Shelter for Domestic Violence
  • Open Doors Family Shelter
  • UGM
  • UGM for Women & Children
  • Truth Ministries
  • Rising Strong Warming Center for Families
  • Cannon Street Warming Center

Drop-In Day Centers:

  • Women’s Hearth (for Women)
  • City Gate
  • House of Charity
  • Cup of Cool Water (ages 24 & under)
  • Crosswalk for Teens
  • Open Doors for Families

Additionally, the City has reached out to other community partners that can provide additional space and staffing for those who do not have adequate shelter. The City has coordinated with those partners to activate additional facilities and services if they are needed. If transportation is a barrier, STA bus passes will be provided or City responders can provide transportation if necessary.