City Adding $4 Million Package of Street Maintenance Work, Aiding the Economy

Kirstin Davis, Communications Manager, 509.625.7773

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 11:51 a.m.

Spokane Mayor Nadine Woodward proposed, and the City Council approved a new $4 million package of street maintenance work.  These projects will aid the economy and support commercial areas around the community. The work will be contracted out to the private sector.

“This investment is designed to improve areas that contribute to our local economy and address damage from truck and bus traffic,” says Mayor Woodward. “We also will send this work out to our private contracting community to support local, private-sector jobs.” 

The package is part of the Mayor’s economic development priority. The package includes grind and overlay work on local access streets in commercial areas in all three Council Districts. These streets aren’t arterials, and since they aren’t in residential areas, such local access streets can be overlooked when maintenance needs are identified.

Among others, the locations include areas around community medical services that have been essential during the pandemic, City operations, the Spokane Transit Authority bus garage, and areas targeted for growth. STA will partner on improvements near their facility.

The package has been approved by the Council and the funding is available because other projects have been delayed or postponed during the pandemic.

Design work is slated to proceed this spring with work to go out to bid later this year. The package will be added to the City’s overall planned construction program. For 2022, the City plans about $80 million in public infrastructure construction to improve streets, pedestrian and bicycle routes, and critical water and sewer systems. 

“Improving our transportation system, especially around these commercial areas, will help our community as we continue to recover from the pandemic,” says Council Member Lori Kinnear, who is the chair for the Council’s Public Infrastructure Environmental Sustainability (PIES) subcommittee.

Below is the list of streets included in the package. A map is attached.

District 1        

  • Florida from Wellesley to Francis, located within the Northeast Public Development Authority designed to encourage economic growth.
  • Springfield from Napa to Trent, supports more than a half dozen businesses located near to the City’s Street, Park Operations and combined Fleet and Solid Waste Collections facilities.
  • Boone from Nelson to Greene, supports other businesses also nearby the City’s Street, Park Operations and combined Fleet and Solid Waste Collections facilities.       

District 2

  • Rockwood Boulevard from Grand to Cowley, adjacent to the Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and related medical facilities that have been critical during the pandemic.
  • 8th from McClellan to Cowley, also near the Providence medical facilities.        

District 3

  • Gardner from Maple to Monroe, adjacent to the new Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Center, jointly supported by the City and Spokane County. Gardner also is adjacent to the STA bus garage. STA is contributing to this section of work.
  • Cataldo from Washington to Division, supports businesses located near new public investments including the revitalized Riverfront Park and the new Podium sports complex.
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