2024 Projects Will Impact Washington St. Corridor

Other work includes street and pedestrian improvements, and increased water capacity

Kirstin Davis, 509.625.7773

Friday, April 5, 2024 at 2:24 p.m.

Starting Monday, April 8, the Washington-Stevens corridor will start significant improvement projects including water, sewer, and signal replacement work, a new deck overlay for the Washington Street Bridge, and grind and overlay work from Maxwell Ave. south to 3rd Ave.

Crews will begin the first phase of projects at the intersection of Boone Ave. and Washington St., Monday, April 8 to replace water and sewer pipes from 1902 in north central Spokane. This work requires closing the intersection for two weeks. Additional improvements include signal upgrades, replacement of curb and stormwater facilities, ADA upgrades, and stormwater system improvements.

What to Expect:

  • All lanes on Washington will be closed between North River Dr. and Maxwell Ave. between April 8 and 22.
  • Southbound drivers will be rerouted at Maxwell Ave.
  • Northbound drivers will be rerouted at North River Drive.
  • Eastbound drivers will be rerouted at Howard St.
  • Westbound drivers will be rerouted at Calispel St.


  • Drivers are all highly encouraged to utilize Division St., Monroe St., and the Maple/Ash corridor for north-south travel and Maxwell Ave. for east-west travel.
  • If attending events at venues such as Spokane Arena, ONE Spokane Stadium, The Podium, and Spokane Civic Theater, access to surrounding parking areas will be available. PLAN AHEAD AND ALLOW FOR EXTRA TIME.
  • Riverfront Park visitors can access the parking lot heading northbound on Washington St. at North River Dr. or by driving southbound on Division St. and then west on North River Dr.

Once the intersection work is completed, crews will begin a grind and overlay project from Maxwell Ave. to the Spokane River. One lane in each direction will remain open throughout the project, expected to take place between April 22 and May 14.

The remaining phases of the Washington-Stevens corridor projects will happen between May 20 and November. They will include repairing the Washington Street Bridge deck and grind and overlay work on Washington St. and Stevens St. between Spokane Falls Blvd. and 3rd Ave.

The City of Spokane’s 2024 projects will continue to improve streets in critical areas that move people and commerce, repair bridges, increase safety for pedestrians, and add needed capacity to the City’s critical water system.

Additional 2024 Projects

The Latah Valley community will benefit from new infrastructure with the Marshall Rd. Transfer Main project. The three-phased project will enhance water and sewer service in the Cheney-Spokane Rd. and Marshall Rd. area improving water transmission capacity.

The Thor-Freya corridor project will have the intersections at 2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave. rebuilt with concrete, curbing will be replaced with ADA upgrades, stormwater facilities installed, and water and sewer pipe replacements.

The Lincoln Heights area is undergoing a grind and overlay project on 29th Ave. between Grand Blvd. and Ray St. to improve conditions.

Maple St. and Ash St. will have chip seal work done between Northwest Blvd. and Rowan Ave. as part of the 6-Year Streets Plan.

Construction of the new Thorpe Rd. Water Reservoir in the Latah Valley is underway. This 5-million-gallon reservoir will serve current and future residents with drinking water and fire protection in southwest Spokane.

New pedestrian crossing signals will be installed along Division St.

Additionally, the City’s Street Department will complete projects to improve streets with grind and overlay work. Here’s the list and information for 2024:

  • Inland Empire Way – 23rd Ave. to bridge – begins April 8
  • Sunset Highway – Lewis St. to Royal St.
  • Magnesium Rd. – Division St. to Nevada St.
  • Havana St. – Sprague Ave. to Broadway Ave.
  • Cozza Ave. – Division St. to Standard St.
  • Queen Ave. – Wall St. to Division St.
  • Garland Ave. – Northwest Blvd. to D St.
  • Boone Ave. – Summit St. to Nettleton St.
  • Riverside Ave. – Hemlock St. to Cedar St.
  • East Spokane Falls Blvd. – Bridge to Hamilton St.

The City will continue to work on and complete some current projects including:

The South Gorge Trail Connection project will complete the Great Gorge Loop, a three-plus mile route traveling through Riverfront Park, Kendall Yards, over the Sandifur Memorial Bridge, through Peaceful Valley, by Redband Park, and under the south end of the Monroe Street Bridge to the Place of Truths Plaza.

The 104-year-old Post Street Bridge will reopen, connecting the west side of Riverfront Park with the north bank will reopen. The bridge will serve northbound vehicles, pedestrians, and two-wheeled transportation and be part of the Great Gorge Loop.

This spring we will celebrate the opening of TJ Meenach River Access Area and Disc Golf Course in northwest Spokane. These recreational amenities are possible because of a creative partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department as part of the Cochran Basin Improvement project to protect the Spokane River by improving the stormwater system and treating runoff. The Cochran Basin is the largest collection point for stormwater runoff and serves 5,000 acres between TJ Meenach Dr. and northeast Spokane consisting of houses, parks, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and more. This is the last stop before entering the Spokane River.

The High-System Water Tank at 37th Avenue and Crestline near Hamblen Elementary School. This 2-million-gallon reservoir will serve current and future residents with drinking water and fire protection in south Spokane.

The 13-million-gallon water reservoir at Spokane International Airport will continue to prepare to serve the West Plains in early 2025, and the connection pipe from the new Plains Booster Station was installed under Interstate 90 at Spotted Rd.

Street obstruction information that will impact the traveling public is updated at least weekly and are available on the City’s web site with a comprehensive list and interactive map. Find out what construction projects will impact your day on the City’s Construction Projects page.

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