City Council Approves Contract with Lime as Scooter Vendor

Lisa Gardner,

Monday, June 3, 2024 at 6:43 p.m.

During Monday’s Legislative Session, the City Council voted 5-2 to approve a two-year contract with Lime. The contract will re-introduce e-scooters and e-bikes on Spokane streets in about a week.

Lime was the recommended vendor out of three applications by a team representing the Mayor’s Office, City Council, Public Works, Planning and Economic Development after a request for proposals was issued this spring. The previous contract with Lime ended last year.

New features from the previous contract include:

  • Increased emphasis on proper parking
  • Phasing in camera-based sidewalk-riding detection technology to help reduce conflicts with pedestrians
  • Improved river retrieval process that requires recovery within 24 hours and also includes a back-up contractor to be paid by Lime
  • Equity requirements for underserved areas, including distributing at least 10 percent of the fleet there
  • Testing out a limited number of seated scooters that have proven popular in other cities

“This is a great opportunity for other modes of transportation access for every resident and visitor in Spokane,” City Council Member Zack Zappone said. “This helps to create a Spokane where all people can get where they need to go safely and effectively in whichever way they choose.”

Any scooter or bicycle parked incorrectly must be re-parked correctly or removed by Lime within 2 hours of receiving notification between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and within 10 hours at other times. Lime is also required to implement a fine system for wrongly parked vehicles as determined by user-taken, end-of-trip photos. A 24-hour customer service phone number is available to report safety concerns, complaints or ask questions.

Under the contract, Lime will pay the City $17,000 per year with an additional vehicle charge of 75 cents per vehicle per day, the same rates as last year. The 2022 season generated $190,000 and the 2023 season $186,000. Funds received are used on pedestrian-related projects. The average trips per day in previous years is 1,300 with more than 1.6 million trips total since the beginning of operations in Spokane in 2019.

The new contract includes options for the City to fine Lime for violations of operating requirements.

You must be 18 or older to operate a Lime vehicle.

For more information, watch the City Cable 5 video about Lime Scooters Returning to Spokane.