Mayor Brown Signs Legislation Implementing Safe Streets Infrastructure

City of Spokane establishes pedestrian and bicycle safety as top priorities

Erin Hut, Directors of Communications, 509.625.6740

Wednesday, July 3, 2024 at 12:34 p.m.

Mayor Lisa Brown on Wednesday signed two pieces of legislation aimed at improving transportation safety in the City of Spokane.

The Mayor signed an executive order to implement Safe Streets infrastructure and establish pedestrian and bicycle safety as top priorities for City transportation investments. The directive affirms the City of Spokane’s commitment to improved traffic safety for walkers, cyclists, drivers and transit riders of all ages.

The order comes after the Spokane City Council passed Councilman Zack Zappone’s “Janet Mann – Safe Streets Now” resolution in a 7-0 vote and establishes the following:

  • Improved traffic calming: The Spokane Police Department, Public Works, Municipal Court and the new Transportation Commission will work together to develop a plan to expand the Automated Traffic Safety Camera program before the end of the year.
  • Implementation of Safe Streets infrastructure within neighborhoods: The Office of Neighborhood Services, the Street Department and Fleet Services will work together to double the Mobile Speed Feedback program over the next two years; and the Mayor’s Office will work with Avista, the Spokane City Council and neighborhood stakeholders to evaluate lighting conditions to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Implementation of adaptive design projects: The City will implement adaptive design projects in every Council district and will use existing traffic calming funds to contract with a consultant to develop policies for integrating adaptive design strategies into the City’s street design standards.
  • Increased focus on pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure: City of Spokane staff will evaluate options for expediting the implementation of Leading Pedestrian Intervals at currently planned and new locations; and the City will pilot strategies for providing secure public bike parking at high-demand destinations through the installation of bicycle lockers at City Hall.

Mayor Brown also signed an ordinance establishing a new transportation commission. This ordinance was requested by the mayor and designates the commission be responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and recommending policies and projects necessary to achieve the City’s goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries. The commission will also review and analyze local data and best practices to make recommendations to Mayor Brown and the City Council.

“Everyone has the right to get to work, school and their homes safely. We have the ability to proactively address safety risks that are built into the transportation system, and it is long past time that we start implementing these proven strategies. By adapting our design processes, we can ensure that everyone makes it to where they are going,” Mayor Brown said.

“Prioritizing the safety and accessibility of our roads for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists not only reduces accidents, but it also saves lives. Implementing these commonsense measures ensures that everyone can move safely and confidently through our shared spaces,” Councilman Zack Zappone said.