Julie Happy

The road to repair

Julie Happy, Division Communication Manager of Business and Developer Services, No Phone Number Available

Monday, December 23, 2013 at 4:30 p.m.

Street maintenance is a hot topic in Spokane, and repairing the streets is a City priority. In 2010, the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) was created as a quasi-municipal corporation and independent taxing district to acquire, build, improve and fund transportation improvements. This program helps the City of Spokane take care of its 2,200 lane miles of streets.

TBD projects in 2013 included three residential chip seal projects that repaired 11.2 lane miles of pavement, three residential grind and overlay projects that improved 1.6 lane miles, crack sealing over 34.4 lane miles and sidewalk repairs in each of the three City Council districts.

Maintaining all these lane miles, takes significant work and investment. Finding money and the means to finance all of the needed repairs required focused decision-makers, comprised of City leadership and a citizen advisory board, to look toward alternative funding methods.

In September 2011, the TBD tab fee was implemented. The TBD pays for street maintenance and pedestrian improvement projects through its $20 vehicle license tab fee. Annual revenue is $2.5 million dollars.

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