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Spokane Transportation Benefit District Governing Board

Authorized by and Date: Authorized by Ordinance No. C-34648 on October 11, 2010.

Mission Statement/Purpose: Chapter 36.73 of the Revised Code of Washington provides for the establishment of Transportation Benefit Districts by cities and counties to levy and impose various taxes and fees to generate revenues to support transportation improvements within the district that are consistent with state, regional or local transportation plans and necessitated by existing or reasonably foreseeable congestion levels.

The revenue generated by the TBD shall be used specifically for annual improvements for the operation, preservation and maintenance of the City's existing transportation improvements, facilities and programs set forth in the six year pavement maintenance program element of the City's 2011-2016 Six Year Comprehensive Street Program.

Requirements: The TBD is a quasi-municipal corporation with specific independent taxing authority. The governing board of the TBD shall consist of the City Council members acting in their ex official capacity.

Members Position
Ben Stuckart Chair
Amber Waldref Vice Chair
Candace Mumm Board Member
Breean Beggs Board Member
Mike Fagan Board Member
Karen Stratton Board Member
Lori Kinnear Board Member




Anna Everano
TBD Administrator