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Spokane's In!

David Condon, Mayor, No Phone Number Available

Friday, January 10, 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

This afternoon, we proudly hung the 12th Man Flag from the Clock Tower in Riverfront Park. Spokane has a large and loyal fan base that regularly makes the trip over to support their team – and I’m sure many have tickets for tomorrow’s game.

It’s hard to go anywhere in Spokane during football season – let alone during the playoffs – and not see people wearing Seahawks t-shirts, jerseys and hats. Many of you joined us in the park today to see the 12th Man Flag fly and chant, “Go Seahawks!” along with your fellow fan.

The Seahawk tradition of flying the 12th Man Flag started as a salute to fans. The 12th Man Flag has become a recognizable salute to Seahawk supporters everywhere.

So when the Seahawks asked us to raise the flag in support, we thought it was only fitting that the state’s second largest city shows its colors as a fan. And the Clock Tower in Riverfront Park – probably Spokane’s most recognizable icon – was the natural choice.

The flag will fly throughout the Seahawk’s run in the playoffs, which we hope ends at the Super Bowl in New York.

So, on behalf of Seahawks fans in Spokane: We’re in!

Go Seahawks!

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