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Pay past due citations at face value

Hannah Robb, Public Relations Intern, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 5:10 p.m.

Pay past due citations at face value

Do you have outstanding parking tickets, but haven't paid them off allowing interest, fines and fees to add up? Now is your chance to pay those parking tickets at original face value plus court cost ($25.00) as assigned to the collection agency, with no added fees or interest. Starting Thursday, May 1, the City of Spokane Parking Services Program is launching the Parking Amnesty Program, which will allow anyone with a parking ticket in collections to pay that ticket at original face value plus court cost ($25.00) as assigned to the collection agency,(plus any state required statutory penalties), meaning all collection fees, and interest are dropped!

Act now because this offer is only available for a short time. The Parking Amnesty Program will run from May 1 to June 30. Beginning July 1, cars associated with four unpaid tickets in collections will be booted. Once booted, if the citations are not paid within 48 hours, the vehicle will be impounded and towed. They will only be released when all tickets, fines, fees, and associated impound and towing fees are paid in full.

This program is designed to assist people in cleaning up their parking ticket record in advance of the boot-and-tow program, while only paying the amount they were originally assessed plus court cost ($25.00) for the ticket. The City is highly encouraging citizens to take advantage of this program and get a fresh start leading into summer.

If you have any questions about a ticket, policies, parking specifications or parking services information is available online or by calling 509.232.8836.

To pay your ticket(s), please contact Valley Empire Collection, 1.800.669.8139.

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