Blog Posts for October 2014

Oct. 31

Wrap Up – Commute of the Century

3:07 p.m. - Commute of the Century, a bicycle tour of Spokane, was a success!

Oct. 30

Spokane Fire Marshal Named Fire Marshal of the Year

3:38 p.m. - Spokane Fire Department’s Division Chief Lisa Jones is the recipient of the Washington State Fire Marshal Association’s Fire Marshal of the Year award

City Council reboots United Native Americans of Spokane PDA

11:54 a.m. - The council adopted a new charter after renewed interest in the PDA

Oct. 29

City plans sale of “Green” Bonds to improve the health of the river

3:39 p.m. - Watch 3:11 - City will sell $200 million in bonds while limiting utility rate increases to inflation

Oct. 28

Mobile Murals make an impression

12:19 p.m. - Spokane is taking notice of the Mobile Murals art project

Oct. 27

Halloween doesn’t have to be too scary

1:51 p.m. - Watch 9:44 - The City is offering some helpful tips for a fun, safe Halloween

Oct. 24

Ceremony honors 2014 Spokane Human Rights Award winners

2:01 p.m. - Three honored for human rights work

Oct. 23

More trees to go up around Loma Vista Park

2:02 p.m. - Volunteers are needed for tree planting project

Oct. 20

Accountability, transparency Mayor’s media briefing topics

2:05 p.m. - Watch 19:09 - Spokane Mayor David Condon emphasized transparency and accountability in government during his weekly media briefing on Monday.

Oct. 17

Get out and vote

4:12 p.m. - The Voter’s Guide is available online. Election Day is Nov. 4.

Oct. 15

Making Logan neighborhood safer

2:34 p.m. - The Spokane Fire Department partnered with the American Red Cross and Gonzaga University to install smoke detectors in Logan neighborhood homes

Oct. 13

New grant guidelines could benefit families in need

11:42 a.m. - The City is taking steps to make sure federal aid gets to local families in need as efficiently as possible.

Oct. 8

Days of Streetcar Yore: The evolution of Spokane's urban form

1:42 a.m. - The development of streetcar transit in Spokane played a huge role in shaping Spokane.

Oct. 7

Mayor: City has ‘optimism and confidence’

3:54 p.m. - Watch 14:56 - The proposed budget relies on integrated solutions that deliver better returns on citizen investments

Havana Street improvements are coming to Southgate neighborhood

11:32 a.m. - Improvements to a portion of Havana Street will include road rehabilitation, a new water main, and bike lanes.

Oct. 6

Give the City your feedback

9:33 a.m. - Citizens can take an online survey at

Oct. 3

The unique character of Peaceful Valley

11:50 a.m. - One Peaceful Valley resident is telling her neighborhood’s story

Sound the alarm for Fire Prevention Week

8:23 a.m. - Watch 10:42 - Fire Prevention Week is October 5-11 and the Spokane Fire Department is sounding the alarm that working smoke detectors save lives.