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Mobile Murals make an impression

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 12:19 p.m.

Mobile Murals make an impression

On a sunny Saturday morning in October, a vacant lot in Downtown Spokane began to be transformed by a wall of color. In a matter of hours, a local eyesore became an incredible piece of community art. And Spokane is taking notice.

The Mobile Murals Project brought together 17 artists to create 87 panels-worth of art to be placed around the lot at 3rd Avenue and Division Street, a major gateway to Spokane from Interstate 90. Since the installation Oct. 4, the effort has been garnering praise from many in the community and the project recently won the Spokane Arts Collaboration Award for 2014.

Here are the artists who donated their time and talents to make Mobile Murals a reality:

  • Alicia Wimmer (2 panels)
  • Rudd (4 panels)
  • Birchler (4 panels)
  • Ellen Picken (2 panels)
  • Brooke Nicholson (2 panels)
  • Lisa Waddle Montessori (2 panels)
  • Brian Trimm (1 panel)
  • Ellen Paulson (8 panels)
  • Toby Kernan (2 panels)
  • John De Roulet (2 panels)
  • Todd and Cain Benson (8 panels)
  • Trabeler (4 panels)
  • Nathan Mckenzie-O'Neill (8 panels)
  • Jamie Junction (2 panels)
  • Erika Mueller (6 panels)
  • Brendan Genther (4 panels)

The City, the Downtown Spokane Partnership, and Spokane Arts launched the Mobile Murals project to showcase art in unexpected places, particularly in areas under construction or in need of beautifying. Mobile Murals give the Spokane community a chance to show off its creative expression and are also meant to demonstrate the community's care for properties with uncertain futures. The murals are intended, as the name indicates, to be mobile. Organizers want to keep the murals moving to other underdeveloped sites across the city. There are even panels on the project meant for people to write on, to suggest other locations in Spokane in need of art.

  • Mobile Murals Colorful piece
  • Mobile Murals B&W piece
  • Mobile Murals Variety

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