Leroy Eadie

Bridge repair at Riverfront Park

Leroy Eadie, Parks and Recreation Services Director, No Phone Number Available

Monday, April 27, 2015 at 5:08 p.m.

Work and planning is underway on the $64 million worth of improvements voters approved last fall for Riverfront Park. Some of that work will include updates and improvements to the Park's bridges.

This past year, the City of Spokane Parks & Recreation Division along with the City of Spokane Utilities Department allocated funds for bridge repair in Riverfront Park at approximately $8.7 million. Thanks to additional dollars saved of $4.3 million from the low interest rates around the Riverfront Park Bond, we have 85 percent of the funding for all the needed bridge repair. That includes replacing the Howard Street Mid-Channel Bridge.

While we work toward raising the additional funding needed to complete all the repairs, discussions are ongoing about the timing and sequencing of bridge and other Riverfront Park projects. That way, we can avoid major disruptions for visitors to the park during construction. 

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