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Voters say yes to Riverfront Park, streets

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 10:39 a.m.

Voters say yes to Riverfront Park, streets

Spokane's citizens have overwhelmingly chosen to invest in the future of Riverfront Park and the city's streets. The park bond took 67 percent of the vote in Tuesday's General Election. Voters approved the streets levy by 77 percent.

Thank you, Spokane, for saying yes to maintaining and rebuilding streets. Thank you for saying yes to a much-needed revitalization of Riverfront Park. These are efforts that will not only shape our great city for decades to come, but which do so in an affordable way that gets citizens greater value for their dollar.

Property tax rates will not change. City taxpayers will continue to pay 91 cents for every $1,000 of assessed property value for ongoing street reconstruction projects and the implementation of the Riverfront Park Master Plan.

Here's a look at how the bond and levy will make Spokane stronger:

  • $25 million annually for street funding
    That level of spending, which includes matching funding, will maintain the level of street work completed annually under the 2004 Street Bond. Projects will be prioritized across multiple needs, including pavement condition, bike and pedestrian improvements, utility infrastructure, stormwater management, and economic development.
  • $60 million for implementation of the new Riverfront Park Master Plan, which was developed with considerable public input. More information about the master plan and its components can be found at riverfrontparkmasterplan.org.
  • Retirement of the current debt
Streets Parks Infographic

The streets and parks refinancing plan is another way we're aligning needs to resources while keeping services affordable to citizens.

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