David Condon

Economic Investment in Spokane

David Condon, Mayor, No Phone Number Available

Monday, July 27, 2015 at 3:30 p.m.

The community has told us our economy is improving and that there is room for more growth. They also told us we as City leaders can help. Today, we're taking the next step for Spokane's citizens.

Council President Ben Stuckart and I announced an Economic Investment Program for Spokane that will establish the same certainty and predictability that our enhanced permitting process has done for those who are investing in our city. The plan prioritizes where new commercial and industrial development is most important, and inventories the resources available to those willing to invest in the community and, by extension, the people who live in the city. Collectively, we developed a plan that signals to the community that Spokane is the place to do business.

Economic investment is good for Spokane and something we as a city government need to encourage. Investment creates jobs that deliver new economic opportunities and improve our median household income. Achieving the greatest return for the community is really what this new program is all about.

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