Scott Simmons

Driving down crime still the focus

Scott Simmons, Business & Developer Services Director, No Phone Number Available

Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 4:49 p.m.

Updated: 02-08-2016

Members of the City Council recently asked for additional information regarding the utilization of the Intermodal Center to provide city services, including police services.

Moving the precinct to the Intermodal Center is part of a broader City asset management strategy to use City-owned facilities to their fullest potential. The primary focus of the Spokane Police Division continues to be driving down crime. Staffing does not change in the downtown police service area. The model that has driven crime down 20.5% last year and nearly 15% in 2014 is resource-dependent and not tied to a specific location.

The City has enjoyed and continues to enjoy a good working relationship with the Spokane Transit Authority. Discussions continue between the Spokane Police Division and STA about how we can continue to best meet their needs. It is important to note that the Intermodal Center is still within the service area previously defined for an STA-supported officer. The relationship with STA has evolved over the years from its support of an extra-duty officer to a full-time position. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with STA.

Detailed responses to each of the City Council's questions were provided today.

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