Alicia Ayars

Improving access to safe, quality, and affordable housing in Spokane

Alicia Ayars, Community Programs Coordinator, No Phone Number Available

Friday, May 20, 2016 at 11:37 a.m.

Improving access to safe, quality, and affordable housing in Spokane

An effort is underway to improve access to quality housing in Spokane. The Mayor’s Housing Quality Task Force (HQT) has begun meeting to align City investments, resources and policies to support safe, quality housing in mixed-income neighborhoods.

The task force will be open to a variety of programs, policies, legislative actions to solve housing in Spokane as it relates to six areas of housing:

  • Abandoned Homes
  • Homes in Foreclosure
  • Chronic Nuisance Properties
  • Substandard Rental Properties
  • Vacant Residential Lots
  • Housing Affordability

The need for more quality housing in Spokane is real, and HQT is committed to the success of this endeavor. Success means, among other things, neighborhoods will have a mix of safe, quality, and affordable housing for individuals and families to rent or own (with specific focus on mixed-income and targeted areas), and local families who find themselves in substandard housing will get help from the City and partner agencies to find access to better housing.

The first two meetings of the HQT will cover background information as it relates to the six key areas of housing and an overview of Spokane’s housing stock.

If you would like to be involved in the discussion and receive the latest updates, please email

Are you hosting a discussion on this topic for your neighborhood, community center, or elsewhere? Visit the Meeting-In-A-Box section of the HQT page (forthcoming) for a video introduction , electronic brochure, and presentation materials you can use.

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