Matt Lower

City Begins Revitalization Process on 5th Avenue

Matt Lower, Planning & Development Services, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 2:43 p.m.

City Begins Revitalization Process on 5th Avenue

Residents and stakeholders are engaging the City of Spokane in a neighborhood-led effort to revitalize the 5th Avenue commercial area in the Underhill Park section of East Central.

The businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations which operate in the area are working to restore the three block section of 5th Avenue between Regal and Green into a vibrant social and commercial center. There has been much progress already- not only has one of 5th Avenue’s historic buildings been transformed into a community-focused church, but the neighborhood will see a new, resident-owned restaurant and a tutoring/youth center fill two of the vacant buildings in the restoration area.

The City is currently assisting the neighborhood by investing in sidewalk improvements and planting new street trees.

This multi-faceted project reflects the diversity of East Central. As the neighborhood moves forward, they will be working with City Planners to repurpose vacant spaces to further improve safety and vitality.

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