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Changes coming to Main Avenue

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 9:41 a.m.

Changes coming to Main Avenue

Intersection improvements at Main Avenue and Division Street are coming to an end. The next step for Main Avenue is a streetscape pilot project from Washington Street to Pine Street starting this week. Here is what to expect on each block!

Main Avenue between Washington and Bernard Street will see one slight change. The northern lane will become a left turn only lane.

Between Bernard and Browne Street back-in angle parking will be added to the northern curb side. Back-in angle parking will allow drivers to load their vehicle’s trunk from the sidewalk, usher passengers toward the sidewalk, and provide more visibility when pulling out. Toward Browne Street a concrete island will be added in the middle of the street to separate the two lanes of traffic in preparation for the next block’s middle lane parking.

The new streetscape design will primarily focus on the block between Browne Street and Division Street. The center two travel lanes are being converted to additional parking. The parking will allow drivers to pull into parking spots from the northern travel lane or back into a spot from the southern lane. Both travel lanes on either side of the center lane parking will be permitted to take left hand turns onto Division Street. A new mid-block pedestrian crossing will provide a safer environment for this lively block.

Additional parking will be added to Main Avenue between Division and Pine Street in the form of pull in angle parking to the northern travel lane.

Parking on Main Avenue between Washington Street and Pine Street will be metered by Parking Meter Kiosks in Pay by Plate format. Visitors can continue using the QuickPay Phone App to pay for parking too.

We encourage you to come down to Main Avenue and watch as the change happens. Please pay extra attention to businesses located in the construction zone, they need your business. Come enjoy everything Main Avenue has to offer while getting a front row seat to all the improvements!

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