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Transient Camp Cleanup

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Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 3:59 p.m.

Transient Camp Cleanup

The City of Spokane actively coordinates timely responses to homeless activity across the city. Through a coordinated effort between the Office of Neighborhood Services & Code Enforcement, the Spokane Parks Department, Spokane Police Department, the City of Spokane Litter Crew, Spokane Streets Department and community agencies like SNAP, Catholic Charities and Frontier Behavioral Health.

By working together, we are able to provide greater service to the community by reaching out to those in need and connecting them with resources. When the City is notified about homeless activity, response is immediate. The homeless outreach team coordinates with SNAP, Catholic Charities and Frontier Behavior Health to actively help Spokane’s homeless population by connecting them with resources such as emergency shelters, drop in day centers, free meal sites and permanent housing options. Individuals can be assessed for permanent housing at SNAP while families with children should contact Catholic Charities for housing assistance. Learn more about the homeless resource pocket guide.

As part of the City’s response to homeless activity, the City Parks Department, City Litter Crew, and City Bridge Crew respond by coordinating cleanup efforts on public property after outreach has been made. Over the summer months the City Parks Department removed over 25 tons of debris, trash and clothing.

Here is how the public can help.

If you see a transient camps on public property, please contact Code Enforcement at or 509.625.6083. Following the initial call the homeless outreach team including Spokane Police Department will make initial contact with the individuals experiencing homelessness. The team provides them with numerous resources including homeless resource pocket guides.

Help the City of Spokane continue to aid the homeless population!

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