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Division Gateway Improvements

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016 at 7:33 a.m.

Division Gateway Improvements

Updated November 17, 2016

Next construction season the City of Spokane will be improving the Division Street corridor. This project will span Division Street from Spokane Falls Boulevard to 3rd Avenue. The Division Street corridor project will enhance safety for pedestrians and increase the visual appeal of the area through new landscaping.

Division Street improvements include curb bumpouts, ADA complaint wheelchair ramps, wider sidewalks, additional pedestrian lighting, street trees, planting, and artwork. This gateway into the heart of downtown Spokane will become even more visually appealing. In addition, safety improvements will make it easier for pedestrians to navigate this area.

Browne Street will also see some improvements with this project. Curb ramps will be replaced on Browne Street from 3rd Avenue to Spokane Falls Boulevard in preparation for a WSDOT grind and overlay project. Signal pole replacement and drainage structure maintenance or repair will also be included.

The Division Street corridor project is set to begin as early as March 2017.

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