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SE Sports Complex Information & Public Comment

Fianna Dickson, City of Spokane Parks & Recreation, Communication Manager, 509.625.6297

Monday, September 11, 2017 at 10:39 a.m.

SE Sports Complex Information & Public Comment

Updated 04/13/2018


  • City of Spokane Parks and Recreation is working with KXLY, the adjacent property owner of the Southeast Sports Complex, to improve access and parking at the Sports Complex.
  • Improvements to the complex will include:
    1. Expanded parking
    2. Improved access from signalized intersection at Regal St. and the Palouse Highway
    3. New soccer field
    4. New trail design
    5. New and improved restroom facility
    6. Improvements to the street frontage along Regal, including better pedestrian access and neighborhood connection

Proposed Action

SE Sports Complex Access Exchange Map
  • KXLY seeks a non-exclusive access and parking easement across approximately 54,720 square feet of the southeast corner of the Sports Complex (shown in green on map). This area currently provides parking and dated restroom facilities for Sports Complex users. The land was improved in 1984 with a grant from the State of Washington Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation (IAC) using Land and Water Conservation funding.
  • In exchange, KXLY will:
    • develop the improved access, parking, and restroom facility for the Sports Complex at no cost to the City (shown in green on map). The easement will provide enhanced access to the Sports Complex, parking, and a new 800 square foot restroom/concession building. The parking will be non-exclusive and available on a first come, first-serve basis, and KXLY will be responsible for maintenance of the joint access and parking areas.
    • grant Spokane Parks and Recreation reciprocal parking and access easements and transfer RCO restrictions of approximately 68,528 square feet of KXLY property (shown in blue on map). The area in blue will provide additional shared parking spaces for the sports complex and development. The easement will be non-exclusive perpetual parking and access, and KXLY will be responsible for maintenance.

Download the Current Master Plan Display Board (PDF 882 KB)

Download the first version of the Master Plan Display Board (PDF 2.1 MB)

Community Benefit

  • Increased parking at the complex – 54 additional stalls (there are currently 88, will be 142 stalls)
  • Expanded facilities and amenities for safe and constructive recreation
  • Enhanced pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular safety for park users
  • Opportunities to implement a portion of the Southgate Neighborhood’s trail plan

Access Exchange

  • This is not a land exchange; it is an access exchange.
  • Parks and Recreation and KXLY will each give and receive added access through non-exclusive easements.

Community Input

  • The Southgate Neighborhood has been involved in developing the master plan for the Southeast Sports Complex.
  • Please share your thoughts about the plans at this survey link (, or in the discussion below. Survey will close October 11, 2017.

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