Blog Posts for October 2017

Oct. 31

Infill Development Open House

5:13 p.m. - Give us your feedback on the infill development code revisions.

We Need Your Feedback on Campaign Finance Reforms

4:22 p.m. - In December, City Council will bring forward a set of campaign finance reforms.

Art in Riverfront Park

3:33 p.m. - Watch 50:32 - View 4 proposed signature art pieces for Riverfront Park

Before Plugging the Meter Check the Timestay Limit

1:11 p.m. - Use parking alternatives instead of staying past a meter’s allotted timestay.

Oct. 30

Serving Those Who Served

5:01 p.m. - November 8 through 22 Goodwill will be collecting donations for local veterans.

The City is Transitioning to MRSC Rosters

4:11 p.m. - The online database will be used for Small Public Works Roster, Consultant Roster and Vendor Roster purchasing.

Riverfront Park Unveils Ice Ribbon Grand Opening Date and New Logo

3:06 p.m. - Watch 1:19 - Learn when the new ice ribbon opens and check out Riverfront Park’s brand new logo.

Oct. 26

Under the Influence, Under Arrest

11:08 a.m. - Don’t get behind the wheel if you are impaired. This means being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and other illicit or prescription drugs.

Oct. 25

The Fuzz: Spokane Police Officers Not Shaving for a Good Cause

2:36 p.m. - Hoping to evoke conversations, raise awareness and support cancer prevention, Spokane Police officers will be participating in No Shave November.

Heading to Higher Paying Jobs

2:25 p.m. - Watch 3:12 - All Female Class Graduates

City Seeks Applicants for West Quadrant TIF Advisory Committee

9:35 a.m. - Seeking residents who would like to help determine how to spend a portion of the funds raised by the TIF district around the Kendall Yards project

Oct. 23

HCT Program Offers Construction Workforce Training

2:10 p.m. - The Head Start to the Construction Trade Program offers FREE workforce training!

Oct. 19

City of Spokane Offering Multi-Family Property Tax Exemptions

9:55 a.m. - MFTE helping create more affordable housing in Spokane.

Oct. 18

Improvements Coming to Rochester Heights Park

12:21 p.m. - Rochester Heights Park is getting some exciting improvements thanks to a Community Development Block Grant and the TruGreen TruNeighbor Program.

Historic Preservation & Demolition Ordinance Open House

11:03 a.m. - Join us at the Historic Preservation & Demolition Ordinance open house tonight!

Oct. 16

More Plowing Heading Your Way!

3:46 p.m. - Revamped Snow Response Plan

Oct. 13

Making a Lasting Impression

3:41 p.m. - Watch 11:51 - The Lincoln Street Gateway gets a facelift!

Oct. 12

Police Show Support for DV Victims

10 a.m. - Watch 1:24 - Spokane Police Officers are wearing purple wristbands during October to End the Silence of Domestic Violence.

Oct. 10

Give Real Change, Donate to Service

4:01 p.m. - The Spokane community has donated over $200 to the Give Real Change campaign!

One Vision. One Plan.

11:19 a.m. - Strategic plan focuses in four key initiative areas aligned to the comprehensive and neighborhood plans

Oct. 9

Announcing the Spokane Mayor's Urban Design Awards Ceremony

10:41 a.m. - Watch 1:35 - The Mayor's Urban Design Awards Ceremony will be open to the public and we encourage all citizens who are interested in good urban design to attend.

Oct. 6

SmileMobile Delivers Free Dental Care

3:44 p.m. - Watch 2:27 - Smile Spokane Promotes Oral Health

End the Silence

11:34 a.m. - Watch 3:12 - Officers Dye Hair to Fight Domestic Violence

Update on East Central Community Center Operations

10:59 a.m. - In January, the East Central Community Center will change management.

Oct. 2

Invest With Us: North Bank

2:43 p.m. - The North Bank area is one of six target investment areas in Spokane!

October 2-6 is Customer Service Week

10:49 a.m. - The City of Spokane is recognizing our wonderful customers!