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Invest With Us: North Bank

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Assistant, 509.625.6749

Monday, October 2, 2017 at 2:43 p.m.

Invest With Us: North Bank

The City of Spokane is buzzing with new construction and redevelopment. All of the investment will continue to add options to the City of Choice. One area in particular that is seeing a surge in investment is the North Bank. Projects range from residential, commercial, office and recreational and will make Spokane a desirable place to live, work, and play.

One such project is the historic Wonder Bread Building which was used as a bakery until the turn of the century. A $12 million redevelopment effort will transform this city block into a mixed use space including an artisan food market, office, and retail.

Across the street from Wonder Building is the old YWCA site. Purchased by local developer Larry Stone, the site will be transformed into two multi-story towers called “The Falls.” Breathtaking views and access to the River will be fantastic complementary pieces for the project that is envisioned to include a hotel, apartments, condos, as well as office and retail. An important aspect of the project will be pedestrian access to the bluff.

Just south of these projects is the Bosch Lot where the City just recently completed the installation of a CSO tank as part of the Cleaner River Faster Program. A visioning and planning exercise that assesses the strong neighboring assets of this key opportunity zone is ahead, and will also consider traffic flows and recommendations from the Riverfront Park Master Plan. The exercise will involve citizens in order to gather feedback and provide clarity for future direction of this incredible property.

The redevelopment of Riverfront Park will include a new regional playground on the North Bank, with a theme of the Ice Age Floods. The park’s proximity and tie into other projects will establish a vital connection that will help bring more development to the entire area. This $64 million project will also update the Recreational Rink, Looff Carrousel, U.S. Pavilion, and a central Promenade.

The economic area expert for the North Bank area is Boris Borisov. Boris helps those interested in development within the North Bank target area by explaining the incentives the City of Spokane offers to encourage new development and the rehabilitation of existing buildings. He works with the development and business community to identify state and federal incentives that may be available to an investor or their tenants and connects them with area experts who can assist in obtaining these added benefits. If you are interested in developing within the North Bank target area contact Boris at or at 509.625.6156.

Keep checking the City’s blog page for more North Bank updates in the future.

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