Jeff Humphrey

Pilot Keeps Fire Trucks Rolling

Jeff Humphrey, Media Content Coordinator, 509.625.6308

Friday, November 17, 2017 at 12:24 p.m.

If your home or business catches fire, every second flames and smoke are doing more and more damage.

That’s why it’s Division Chief Dave Stockdill’s job to make sure all available fire trucks get there just as soon as possible.

“When a citizen calls 911 they expect an immediate and rapid response and so we do everything we can here to keep these trucks in the best shape possible so they are able to respond safely and quickly,” Stockdill said.

As it turns out, fire trucks are pretty needy when it comes to maintenance. Without reliable powertrains and pumps for hoses, it’s easier for the flames to toast someone’s property.

“They are heavy trucks. They are carrying a lot of weight. Once you get them moving it takes a lot of energy to stop them. So we go through brakes and tires very quickly,” Stockdill explained.

Stockdill developed his appreciation for detailed maintenance as a KC-135 pilot. Even today, Stockdill serves as a colonel in Washington’s Air National guard.

Dave Stockdill

“Like on those old airplanes often you have to fly them with a new minor things broken and we unfortunately, we have to do the same thing with these fire trucks. But we try to get the critical things addressed as quickly as possible and keep them on the road,” the veteran aviator said.

Stockdill says he keeps the fire trucks rolling with the help of his mechanics who know consistently getting crews to fires and medical emergencies helps save lives and property.

“They do a fantastic job. It’s like the mail it never stops. There’s always something broken that needs to be fixed. But we continually triage the most important things and everybody is trying to accomplish the same thing and provide great service to our citizens,” Stockdill pledged.

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