Jeff Humphrey

Spokane’s 10 Most Watched Videos of 2017

Jeff Humphrey, Media Content Coordinator, 509.625.6308

Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 3:04 p.m.

2017 was a great year in Spokane. Our city is on roll and we’re seeing some of our hard work pay off with new places to have fun, better roads and safer neighborhoods.

We’re proud of our accomplishments and we’ve stepped up our social media game to make you more aware of ways to use and enjoy city-supplied services.

By clicking on our websites and Facebook pages, you’ve told us what you find interesting and important.

We keep close tabs on what seems to get the most attention and that’s given us the 10 most viewed stories of 2017.

Several of the most-watched videos featured our efforts to help our neighbors experiencing homeless.

Other videos that attracted thousands of views included stories on our police officers, programs that help put people to work and a behind the scenes look at Riverfront Park’s new Ice Ribbon.

We hope you’ll enjoy the stories we’ve brought to you on social media or broadcast here on City Cable 5.

It’s a really important way to get everyone involved in the decisions that will shape our City in the future.

Talk to us on Facebook or visit the City’s webpage so we can do the best job possible serving the citizens of Spokane.

Thanks for watching our top 10 Most Popular Videos.

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