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Marlene Feist, Director of Strategic Development, Public Works & Utilities, 509.625.6505

Monday, March 26, 2018 at 4:51 p.m.

Out on North Monroe Street, the City of Spokane officially marked the beginning of the 2018 construction season. The City will break ground on about $67 million in new construction this year, as well as continue work on projects started last year, totaling tens of millions of dollars more.

As part of our new Strategic Plan, the City is working to improve the experience for the traveling public. The year will include major street rehabilitation projects along with a strong program of basic maintenance to smooth streets and prevent further deterioration.

The last several years have brought unprecedented public investment in our community and its infrastructure. And, while the progress is needed, it can be challenging for the businesses and property owners along these projects. As construction season rolls out, the City is asking citizens to continue to visit their favorites businesses in construction zones

Mayor David Condon, Council Members Karen Stratton and Candace Mumm, City Public Works officials, and business and neighborhood representatives met outside the Waffles Plus restaurant to talk about construction because revitalizing North Monroe Street from Indiana to Kiernan will be one of the biggest project of the year. Construction on North Monroe will begin on April 2.

In addition to Monroe, other streets are slated for rehab.

  • Sharp Avenue will get a new look through a pilot project that will test new stormwater management technologies.
  • Five Mile Road will be revitalized and get a new roundabout at its intersection with Strong Road.
  • Sunset Blvd. from Government Way up the hill to Royal will be resurfaced and get new amenities to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.
  • And the final section of High Drive from 21st to 29th will be rehabilitated.

From there, we move to the University District.

The new U District Gateway Bridge will be completed in the fall, and we’ll connect that with a new plaza on the south landing of the bridge. The final phase of MLK Way will be done, too, completing that new connection along the south side of the Spokane River and joining into Trent just to the east of Hamilton.

Also in 2018, the City will break ground on the last of the projects in our program to improve the health of the river. We have six major underground storage tanks already under construction. Our last projects will include a couple small tanks in Kendall Yards, work along Main Avenue in Peaceful Valley, and the addition of underground swales in West Central.

And finally, the City will invest in street maintenance. About 13 miles of grind and overlay work is planned in the arterials, and another 13 miles of that kind of work is set for residential areas.

To see all the work planned this year, check out on our online construction map.

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