Marlene Feist

A New Partner for Urbanova

Marlene Feist, Director of Strategic Development, Public Works, 509.625.6505

Friday, October 19, 2018 at 12:09 p.m.

On a beautiful fall day on a rooftop overlooking the University District, we learned that Verizon would become a partner in Spokane’s Urbanova initiative. Mayor David Condon, Mrinalini (Lani) Ingram, Vice President of Smart Communities at Verizon, and Kim Zentz, CEO from Urbanova, jointly announced this important new addition to Spokane’s smart cities collaboration.

Verizon and Urbanova have formed an agreement to partner on developing scalable technology solutions aimed at creating a smarter, safer, more connected place to live.

Smart cities initiatives harness data and technology applications to come up with ways to improve the lives of citizens. For example, one application currently in testing in Spokane includes connecting sensors that detect traffic volumes and dim street lights when volumes are low to save energy.

Urbanova, whose partners include the City of Spokane, Itron, Avista, Gallup, McKinstry, The University District Development Association and Washington State University, is working on these technology applications using the University District as its testing ground.

More information on the Urbanova and Verizon announcement is found on the Urbanova web site.

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