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Housing in Spokane

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Assistant, 509.625.6749

Monday, November 5, 2018 at 4:06 p.m.

Housing in Spokane

The City of Spokane receives many diverse questions on housing every day.  Housing is a broad topic that intersects many different areas of life and affordability. The City of Spokane is involved in many aspects of housing and has created a website to answer your housing questions. On the housing website you will find information about housing choices, safe housing, affordable housing, re-housing, funding opportunities and information on Spokane’s housing market.

You can learn:

  • How infill development is helping provide housing options here in the City of Spokane.
  • How infill development is creating choices to meet the income needs of our entire community.
  • How the substandard buildings code is helping keep homes in safe livable conditions for our citizens.
  • How to obtain a low interest loan to rehab your home and how to apply for emergency grant funding for home repairs.

The website also has information on ending homelessness. Information on what homelessness is, what resources are available, how to access services, and how you can help.

Our new housing website also provides information on the City’s funding opportunities. Each year, the City of Spokane invests over 13 million dollars to foster economic development in services and housing to support extremely low to moderate income citizens. Nonprofits can even find information on the Community, Housing and Human Services Department’s annual funding cycle.

Visit to learn all about Spokane’s housing market!

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