Jeff Humphrey

Spokane Resource Center Opens Soon

Jeff Humphrey, Media Content Coordinator, 509.625.6308

Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 4:01 p.m.

The City of Spokane and its various partners are about ready to open the doors to a new facility designed to improve the lives of people across our community.

This new, one-stop program is joining forces with Worksource, an employment office that’s been helping folks find jobs for years.

Now, if you head up to the second floor of the Worksource building, you’ll find the new Spokane Resource Center.

“We’ve got about 15 agencies that are here, on a daily basis, that will be providing services for folks who need housing, are underemployed, under-served, under-housed,” Jennifer Morris, Site Manager of the Spokane Resource Center said.

The Spokane Resource Center can help people experiencing challenges get back on their feet, but the Center’s primary goal is to prevent folks from falling into a crisis situation in the first place.

“It is not waiting in line, take a number. It’s not calling someone forward from behind a sea of cubicles to help that person. It literally is focused on the client, on the person,” Spokane mayor David Condon emphasized.

“The Resource Center helps with resolving those barriers that you may have to employment. We can help with basic computer skills, credit counseling. We can help with some resumes. We have CHAS here to help with appointments for health, so you can improve your health, so you can go and get employed,” explained Morris.

“The Center is intended to remove barriers and offer resources so that citizens don’t have to enter systems that may affect their self-efficacy such as becoming homeless, unemployed, or even involved with the criminal justice system,” said Tim Sigler of Spokane’s Community, Housing & Human Services Department.

“We are open to anyone, anytime, between 9 and 5, Monday through Friday, and we are envisioning a more connected community,” Morris added.

The Spokane Resource Center, at 130 S. Arthur Street, will be open and ready to help those in need on April 16.

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