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Fianna Dickson

Parks & Recreation focused on water conservation projects

Fianna Dickson, Communication Manager, Parks & Recreation, 509.625.6297

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 at 1:28 p.m.

Parks & Recreation focused on water conservation projects

Updated March 20, 2019

Parks & Recreation is collaborating with Utilities to improve water conservation. In 2019, we are focused on four major projects (outlined below) that were selected because they:

  • Demonstrate at least a 30% water reduction from current practices
  • Provide a diverse array of projects (golf, park, splash pad, garden, pond)
  • Have educational opportunities
  • Leverage existing funding on projects that are shovel-ready or in design, to maximize savings

We are also focused on planting native landscape that requires less water across all parks and recreation properties, in conjunction with pollinator gardens.

Combined, these four projects are estimated to save 43,300,000 gallons of water per year on Parks & Recreation properties.

There are four major projects:

Manito Park

One of our iconic parks will see two focused water conservation efforts.

Japanese Gardens Koi Pond

Water savings potential of 16,800,000 gallons/year

The improvements will reduce makeup water while maintaining water quality for the fish, and may capture pond overflow for re-use in planting beds.

Grand Blvd. Irrigation Upgrades & Turf Reduction

Water savings potential of 3,700,000 gallons/year

The project will replace an outdated manual system with an automated high efficiency system, and reduce irrigation overspray onto Grand Blvd. It will also convert some turf to planting beds, meadow grasses, and mulched beds that require less water.

Golf – Indian Canyon

Water savings potential of 16,100,000 gallons/year

The original irrigation from 1935, when the course was constructed, is highly inefficient. It leaks approximately 27 gallons per minute and requires manual operation at night. Improvements will also reduce water use by up to 30%.

Indian Canyon Investment: $2.4M paid by golfers via a Facility Improvement Fee, $10-20,000 Utilities

Franklin Park Splash Pad

Water savings potential of 6,700,000 gallons/year

The Franklin Park splash pad is the pad with the highest volume of water used – over 200% more water than the average splash pad. We are updating the technology, adding rain and wind sensors and updating controls, to reduce water used by up to 60%.

Franklin Park Investment: $10,000 Parks and Recreation, $10,000 Utilities

New Riverfront Ice Age Gardens

Part of the redevelopment project at Riverfront park, a new garden adjacent to the playground on the north bank will be designed with native, drought-tolerant plants and pollinators. It will align with SpokaneScape water-efficient recommendations.

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