Jessica Fisher

WheelShare: Rules to Roll

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Assistant, 509.625.6749

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 2:45 p.m.

WheelShare: Rules to Roll

Since the launch of our WheelShare program, Spokane residents and visitors have been scooting and biking all around our city! We’d like to remind these riders of the “Rules to Roll.”

Know your Location. Bike and scooter users need to ride in the street or in the bike lanes in the downtown core to avoid conflict with pedestrians on the sidewalks. See the map below. Please follow the rules of the road, use the bike lanes, hold your line and pay attention to vehicle traffic. Outside of downtown on streets with speed limits higher than 30, scooters should be ridden on the sidewalk.

Watch your Speed. Bike and scooter speed limits are 15 mph on the Centennial Trail, and 7 mph within Riverfront Park. Scooter speed will automatically be regulated down to about 7 mph in the park.

Ride Safely. Helmets are encouraged for all WheelShare users. We recommend keeping a helmet at your office! Users are asked to be considerate riders and watch for conflicts with other users of the streets, sidewalks, and trails. Helmets will be available at various locations in the City. Please contact Lime for more information.

When you are done enjoying your Lime ride please be considerate of where you park the equipment. Do not block pedestrian walkways, crosswalks, bus stops, or driveways. Enjoy exploring our beautiful city!

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