Carissa Ware

The Return of the Lawn Games

Carissa Ware, Recreation Supervisor for Athletic Programs & Fields, 509.625.6208

Wednesday, April 1, 2020 at 12:33 p.m.

The Return of the Lawn Games

Spring has sprung and we’ve found ourselves facing uncertain times. If you’re like me, your role both professionally and personally have changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Even though we find ourselves stuck in our homes, we can still find creative and fun ways to keep ourselves and children in the home sane -- well mostly sane!

Bringing back some throwback games and getting a little creative quickly became crucial when finding myself limited with not only greenspace available but also physical equipment that I had on hand in my garage when this crisis hit.  We’ve recently been spending our afternoons (weather permitting) playing modified versions of bocce ball, giant jenga, and croquet.

Not only can you play these games as they were intended, but with some imagination, you can give these games new life! For example: we used the jenga blocks to build other things and like forts, castles, and even a dog house for our families furry friends. Although they seemed a bit hesitant to trust our newly found construction skills, soon their creative juices were flowing.

Our croquet set has been turned into a modified game of pool using the clubs as pool sticks while gathering bowls and cups as the pockets of our grass pool table. In addition to pool, my kids also love to bowl, so we’ve converted bottles that we were set to recycle into bowling pins, and a generic rubber ball into our world class new bowling ball.

It may not be perfect, but with some imagination and a little ingenuity you can turn just about anything in your home or yard into something that can be used to stave off boredom.

Check out some more awesome DIY ideas and create some great family memories all while staying home and helping to save lives!

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