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Getting Ready to Roll with Your Bike

Ryan Griffith, Assistant Recreation Director-Outdoor Recreation Supervisor, 509.363.5414

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at 10:11 a.m.

Getting Ready to Roll with Your Bike

Updated: 08/27/2020

With the weather getting warmer (kind of) many are looking to get out and enjoy the sunshine and trails in our area. Biking is a wonderful option. It is low impact on your body (as long as you don’t fall off your bike or hit something), great for some cardio or just leisurely recreational fun. Driving your car less to work or the store saves on gas money and it’s also great for the environment too.

I’ve been noticing many people out in the neighborhoods who may have recently dusted those bikes off from the garage or storage. Before you head out make sure to do a quick safety check on your bike. Check your wheels and make sure they are securely on with snug bolts or quick release levers, test those breaks making sure they are stopping your bike before going down that steep hill, clean and oil that chain, put some air in those tires and strap on that helmet.

Make yourself visible to cars! If you have a front white headlight and red rear flashing light event better. Please follow the rules of the road, stop at stops signs, slow down at uncontrolled intersections, and ride with the flow of traffic, also signal to cars and other riders by pointing in the direction you plan to go.

I love riding bikes, it is such a wonderful way to get in the fresh air!

Please during these times follow all social distancing guidelines.

Tire Pressure PSI (pounds per square inch)-This is found on the side wall of your bike tire. There is usually a range of pressure you should stay within. More air pressure allows for faster rolling and lower pressure allows for more grip on the surface you’re riding on.

Drive Train of Your Bike- Chain, chain rings, cassette & rear derailleur. Keep it clean!

Tune Ups-Get your bike tuned up by a professional. Spokane has many great bicycle shops and their experienced mechanics on staff know exactly how to tune up your sweet ride!

B is for Bicycle-Teach your kids all about their bikes with this wonderfully illustrated book-Author Scott and Jannine Fitzgerald

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