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City Launches Middle Housing Support Team

Tyler Kimbrell, Planner II, 509.625.6500

Monday, August 28, 2023 at 10:40 a.m.

City Launches Middle Housing Support Team

Change is inevitable, and there have been numerous changes over the past couple of years in the housing industry in Spokane. Through the efforts of Building Opportunities and Choices for All, Building Opportunity for Housing, and newly passed State legislation, Middle Housing has been legalized throughout the city. This gives developers more opportunities to build while providing renters and owners more options to choose from when deciding where to live.

With change comes a learning curve. There can be potential confusion on where to start and how to navigate regulations that developers may not be used to in Spokane. That is why Planning Services has launched the Middle Housing Support Team to support the development community through a changing landscape so the entire community can benefit from the diversity of housing that is now feasible to build. Middle Housing is construction that fits in between single-unit detached homes and larger multi-unit developments, such as duplexes to sixplexes, cottage housing, stacked flats, and townhouses.

The Middle Housing Support Team wants to see your middle housing project come to fruition and can assist projects by:

  • Serving as the point of contact to help minimize the number of interactions with City Staff.
  • Helping you understand the variety of housing incentive programs your project may qualify for.
  • Brainstorming project alternatives or identify potential solutions to unique or difficult developments.

If you have been thinking about developing Middle Housing but do not know how to get started, visit the Middle Housing Support Team page and book an appointment with us to get started! Projects can be anywhere in the City of Spokane, but projects on infill or underutilized sites are prioritized for assistance.
If your project does not fit neatly into these guidelines but you would still benefit from help, please reach out to the Team to learn what options are available.

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