Shelters/Gazebos & Picnics

Paid reservations are available for all picnic shelters/gazebos at our City Parks which will guarantee the use of the shelter and will be accepted 18 months in advance. Portable or stationary picnic tables and benches are available at Franklin, Manito North, and Manito South. Moveable tables are not guaranteed at any other park shelter.

  • Manito North and Franklin shelters have a maximum capacity of 200 people per reservation.
  • Mission Park shelters/gazebo have a maximum capacity of 200 people per reservation.
  • Manito South and Shadle shelter/gazebo have a maximum capacity of 40 people per reservation.

Availability and Confirmation

  • Each shelter venue is limited to two (2) consecutive reservations per day.
  • All reservations are made in four (4) hour time blocks. (An eight [8] hour time block constitutes two [2] paid reservations.)
  • Reservation must be made at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.
  • Payment must be received along with a signed permit at ten (10) days prior to the reservation.

Park Reservation Fee Structure

Online Reservations (up to 30 people Small Shelter and 50 for park grounds)

View Reservation Calendar

  • All Small shelters park wide (maximum 30 people) - $50 four (4) hour block
  • Franklin Park, Manito Park North and Manito South Shelters - $85 four (4) hour block
  • Park Grounds & Picnic Areas - $50 four (4) hour block

Park/Shelter Reservations (over 31 people Small Shelters and 51 for park grounds)

  • $80 four (4) hour block – All small parks/shelters (maxiumum 30 people) with additional services below.
  • $125 four (4) hour block – Large parks/shelters, Franklin Park, Manito Park North & South Shelter
  • Permit Fee includes up to: Access of one (1) caterer/food truck, electrical access (where available), amplified sound, one (1) structures or pop-up tent (must be free standing – NO stakes allowed).
  • For reservations over 31 people up to the capacity of each park facility.
  • Not Included: Special Events Groups
  • If wanting to reserve a game field, you will need to connect

Special Event Park Grounds/Shelters

  • Special Events through My Spokane or reservation with inflatables
  • $180 four (4) hour block
  • Includes up to two (2) caterers, four (4) structures - Inflatables/Tents/Canopies over 12’x12’, Amplified Sound and Electrical access (where available)
  • Please see Large Group Events and Special Events webpage for more information.

Additional Fees for all park reservations

À la carte prices

  • Amplified sound/ AV staging set up - $25.00 per day
  • Catering/vendor - $50.00 per day per vendor
  • Tents/inflatables/structures (must be free standing – NO stakes allowed) $50.00 per day per structure
  • Electrical Access - $50.00 per day up to two (2) - 110v outlets

Picnics & Small groups

If using any of the outer parks for a simple picnic gathering of 49 people or less, please visit our Reservation calendar or contact Park Operations at 509.363.5455 for any additional questions.

If your picnic, any number attending, includes a jump castle and/or tent or canopy above 12x12, you must have a reservation.
Please complete a Park Reservation Inquiry Form.

The use of our parks for small picnics is offered on a first come, first served basis. To secure a spot for your picnic event, we encourage you to arrive early. Most of the outer parks have stationary tables, and some grills in the picnic area and a small shelter (without tables) available. Only paid reservations for our picnic shelters will guarantee the use of the shelter, along with picnic tables and benches in some shelters. Please complete an Event Inquiry form or call 509.363.5455 for more information.

A concerted effort will be made to keep the restrooms cleaned and stocked. Keep in mind: there is NO restroom/water availability prior to Memorial Day or after Labor Day, except for Manito Park, which has restroom availability year round. All movable tables and benches are removed from all parks from mid-October through mid-April.

Corbin Art Center

For more information on our rental program and fees, please contact the Corbin Art Center at 509.625.6677.

  • Spring and Summer Activity Guide
  • Register for Classes

Contact Information

Weddings, Shelter/Gazebo and Picnic Reservations: 509.363.5455

Dawn Frey
Sales & Events Manager

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Annual Park Restroom Season

Due to weather limitations, the annual park restroom season runs from the first weekend in May through the third weekend in September. This restroom season includes all parks except Riverfront Park, Manito Park, Finch Arboretum, the SE Sports Complex and the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex.

Please Note: Early spring and later in the fall, portable toilets will be placed at youth sports sites and the more popular locations such as Mission Park, Audubon Park, Comstock Park and Franklin Park.